Pixie get-together at "Den Tilsandede Kirke" (christmas-event)

They are out there in our lovely forest, that is, the elves and they have lived there for hundreds of years.

Elves as many have already seen, at least those who have a sense of the kind, yes they are probably descendants of the old farm gnomes who lived here long before the sand storms came and covered their homes with sand.

Fortunately there was also dune gnomes to, so here could farm and forest gnomes find shelter until the forest was again raised, so the elves moved back into the woods and became a real forest gnomes.

On walking tour in the forest, we may be lucky to meet a real Christmas Orchestra, and before we go home, there is cocoa and Christmas mulled wine with "Æbleskiver" and Christmas music in the old church tower.

Meeting point: parking lot at Den Tilsandede Kirke.

Tour leader: Villy K. Hansen and Michael Olesen.

Opening hours

02/12/2017 - 02/12/2017 Saturday 14:30 - 17:00

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P-pladsen v/ Den Tilsandede Kirke
Gl. Landevej
9990 Skagen


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Longitude : 10.543570518494
Latitude : 57.713730409055