Natural attractions in the Top of Denmark

Forest and beach, valleys, fields with cows grassing and a real desert. Nature in the Top of Denmark is very varied. Here you always find yourself close to nature and with the fresh air from the seas surrounding the region. Get a kick with nature and forget the stressing everyday life for a while. A day in nature makes you in a good mood.

The great beaches in the Top of Denmark

The Top of Denmark is famous for its extensive coastline and the unique sandy beaches that encourage relaxed bathing in the summer but which also provide a great setting for different activities throughout the year. Playing, ball games, or go hunting for shells and amber - it's always fun on the beach. Go to the west coast with the broad sandy beach and the wilderness in the waves. Or go the east coast with childfriendly beaches and look for shells and amber.

Sæby strand

Life on the beach in the Top of Denmark

The beach isn't only about sun and summer. Think of all the exciting things in the sea and which you can find at the water's edge during a bracing walk in the autumn or winter...

Bathing at the beach in the Top of Denmark

Take a dip in the Top of Denmark

Visit the many beaches in the Top of Denmark and take a dip. Beach life is one of the best moments during summer for the whole family.

Photo from the photo competition 2012 in the Top of Denmark

Go on a photo safari in the Top of Denmark

Grab hold of the camera and go on photo safari. Take great photos in the winter light.

Enjoy nature in the Top of Denmark

The Top of Denmark contains natural resorts that are quite unique to the region and they are easy available on the many paths and small roads. The resorts include the huge migrating sand dune at Råbjerg Mile; Grenen, where the seas meet at the region's northern tip; and more sand migration at Rubjerg Knude.

See the many different birds in the Top of Denmark - are very unique experience.

More in the folder about birds

Walking at Rubjerg Knude

Hiking at Rubjerg Knude

Experience the 100 m high clay and sand cliff that migrates a couple of metres east every year. The sand migration prevails here - see how the drifting sand relentlessly covers the lighthouse.

Råbjerg Mile - a desert

Råbjerg Mile - a desert

Råbjerg Mile near Skagen is one of the largest deserts in northern Europe. A living, migrating dune that covers everything in its path: trees, roads and farms. An unforgettable experience.

Grenen at Skagen - the very most Top of Denmark

Experience Grenen in Skagen

Visit Skagen and experience the feeling of having your feet in the two seas at Grenen on the Northern top of Denmark.

Nature in the Top of Denmark

Find natural resorts

Experience the interesting wild and wilderness with animals and plants such as birds and fish in the many nature resorts in the Top of Denmark.

The biggest attractions are out in the countryside

Visit the Top of Denmark and go hiking in nature. Participate in guided tours with skilled guides and nature interpreters or explore nature on your own. So fill up your holiday with great impressions and experiences! Go out into nature: see wild orchides, gather herbes for your own snaps, find amber at the sea or berries in the woods.

Go on trips and sightseeing

Participate in guided tours

Explore the many footpaths in the Top of Denmark

It is fun and exciting to explore nature on your own on hiking trips and the Top of Denmark offers many opportunities for this.

Join - when the locals show and tell

What is the idea of storytelling and what do you experience at the events?

Bird migration in the Top of Denmark

Experience birds in the Top of Denmark

Go bird watching in the Top of Denmark - one of the best places in Denmark to watch birds